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OpSecX. is an OpenSecurity initiative to promote information security education. OpSecX provides quality and affordable security education for everyone. All the courses are carefully developed with real world use cases to cover some of the important topics of computer security and are instructed by domain experts.

Why Choose OpSecX?

Deep Technical and Real-World Course content

We believe in providing quality and deep technical security education accompanied by case studies to make you a subject matter expert. Our course contents are made in such a way to accommodate sufficient theories to give you strong fundamentals and real world scenarios to apply the learned skills to become a red-team pentesting Jedi.

Affordable Pricing and Lifetime Access

We understand the need of developing a security culture in the modern technology world. We believe that Security Education is a necessity for growing technology focused economies and business. We are committed to provide Quality and Practical Security Education for everyone making it affordable. OpSecX provides lifetime access* to all the courses.
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OpSecX Course Certificate

All individuals who successfully complete a security course from OpSecX will be given a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course without any additional cost and the certificate can be verified from OpSecX.

Interact with the Instructor

Students can interact with their course instructor and get the doubts clarified. OpSecX messaging platform helps you to start a conversation with the instructor.

Instructor Profiles

Ajin Abraham

Ajin Abraham is an Application Security Engineer by profession having 5+ years of experience in Application Security including 3 years of Security Research. He is passionate on developing new and unique security tools. Some of his contributions to Hacker’s arsenal include OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework, Mobile Security Framework (MobSF), Droid Application FuzzFramework, Xenotix xBOT, NodeJsScan etc to name a few. He teaches around 20000+ students from 90 different countries.

He has been invited to speak at notable security conferences including ClubHack, NULLCON, OWASP AppSec AsiaPac, BlackHat Europe, Hackmiami, Confidence, c0c0n, BlackHat US, BlackHat Asia, ToorCon, Ground Zero Summit, Hack In the Box, Hack In Paris, and PHDays. He blogs about his research outcomes  at ajinabraham.com and contributes to open source community via github.com/ajinabraham.

Bhardwaj Machiraju

Bharadwaj Machiraju is project leader for OWASP OWTF. He is mostly found either building a web appsec tool or hunting bugs for fame hackerone.com/tunnelshade. All tools are available at github.com/tunnelshade and all ramblings at tunnelshade.in/blog/ . Spoke at few conferences notably Nullcon, PHDays, Troopers, Brucon, Pycon India etc. Apart from information security, he is interested in sleeping, mnemonic techniques & machine learning.